family counseling
When living in a multimember household, the problems facing one member often will have affects on many others. We all feel the pain, anxiety and frustrations of other members in our families or marriages. Often we are not able to identify these feelings and instead they surface as arguments, behavioral issues, isolating and silence, thus the term “communication problems” is consistently used. These subsequent behaviors in turn often exacerbate the original problem and can cause new problems of their own. Whether working with children or adults often it is beneficial to have other close members involved in therapy. These most influential members can prove to be valuable assets and often provide input and are part of the solution. Typically therapy is at the most 50 min per week, but these individuals are involved hours on end every day.

I have a diverse back ground of experience when it comes to working with family issues; from parenting an ADHD child, struggling through finding acceptance and roles in a blended family, adolescent rebelling, to understanding and creating functional relationships in divorce. I can help your family whatever your struggle may be.



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