Relationships and Marriages are a difficult endeavor.

Everyone wants the “perfect” one but how do we get there?couples counseling

Most often open and honest communication is mentioned. But what happens when communication is the problem? When you are afraid to express yourself to your husband, wife, or partner, given current or past experiences? Often difficulties in communication are indicators of deeper underlying issues in your relationship or marriage. Identifying these issues and working through them can aid couples in coming closer to that “perfect” relationship.

I work with couples who are looking for help for a variety of reasons. Whether it is anger management, co-parenting, improving communication, emotional closeness, sexual intimacy, or moving past the pain of infidelity.

I work collaboratively with couples whether married or dating, carefully listening to both sides and provide an honest unbiased ear. I provide a place where couples can speak honestly and some for the first time truly are heard and understood.



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